July 27, 2017

Facebook Ads Now Viewable To Non-Facebook Visitors

June 3, 2016 SmallSiteNews Staff

Facebook ads will now target non-users of Facebook on outside websites and apps, directly challenging the supremacy of the Google Display Network. Previously, Facebook only showed ads on third party websites to users that were concurrently logged into Facebook. Facebook is also taking on the hundreds of other ad networks […]

Google Unveils ‘Next Generation’ of AdSense Ads

June 1, 2016 SmallSiteNews Staff

Google announced a new family of ad formats, which it refers to as “Adsense’s next generation ads.” They’re called Page-level ads and are starting with two specific formats: anchor/overlay and vignette. The ads are optimized so that they appear when they’re most likely to perform well for your site while […]