July 27, 2017

Gaining Awareness Through Link Building

August 31, 2010 Eric Ward

Many people have asked me why, after working with my own private perl scripts for 15 years, I decided to create link building software called Link Insight, with the help of the highly regarded search intelligence firm AdGooroo.  Link Insight is based on what I’ve learned as I enter my […]

Increasing Traffic To Your Site With Strong Content

July 20, 2010 Josh McCoy

Many SEO practitioners as well as clients of SEO firms like-mindedly dream of watching organic search referrals climb from month-to-month and from a year-over-year perspective for that matter.  While any SEO firm can boast the ability to lift organic traffic to a site, the dream of this success is much […]

Fixing Content Syndication Outranking Your Content

June 8, 2010 David Harry

Getting outranked for your own content I wanted to highlight a little problem that might see you being outranked for your own content. I am not talking about scrapers either, legitimate situations. You may ultimately be screwed for all your hard work developing quality content. Actually, the better you do […]

Hoarding Links Could Be Hurting Your SEO Ranking

March 29, 2010 Patrick Hare

A common piece of advice given to webmasters by Google is to create a site as if search engines did not exist. In the world of search engine optimization (SEO) this hint carries a good piece of value when it comes to link building practices. Basically, if you are soliciting […]

Building Free Backlinks Through Testimonials

December 8, 2009 Matthew Elshaw

Testimonials are a very powerful form of advertising, but did you know they could also be used as a link building tactic? Most testimonials include a link back to the author (to show it’s a credible source) and this can be a great way to get some valuable incoming links.

How To Create And Launch Products In ClickBank

May 21, 2009 James Spinosa

Well college is done for the semester, and with that comes a load of free time for me to expand my business.  With this comes many different ideas for websites, but the biggest point of emphasis for me will be the book I am creating called Weekend Marketing.